Municipal Plan Check Services (Muni PC) performs plan reviews covering disciplines in
conformance with the currently adopted jurisdiction building codes including the
California’s State modified International Building Codes:

State licensed Professional Engineers of various trades.
Architectural (fire/life safety), structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, accessibility, green building, and energy conservation.
Fire/life safety, fire suppression, fire alarm, smoke control reports, and hazardous materials.
Grading, drainage (including FEMA and Clean Water Act), and on-site/right-of-way improvements.
Land Surveying Plan Reviews (Parcel and Final Map Reviews).
Forensic Investigations.
Certified Accessibility Specialists (CASp).
Certified Permit Technicians.


Working with Jurisdictions
to fulfill and satisfy their organizational
needs and community demands.

Ability to Interpret
jurisdictional and State codes by combining
code language, published information,
jurisdictional conditions, and
individual experience.

Attain Close and Seamless Coordination
between the codes, agencies having authority,
other jurisdictional departments, etc..

Competent Employees
with years of jurisdiction and construction experience.

Capacity to Act
by bringing thoughtful decision making into the approval process.


Share experiences, knowledge, and methods to Foster Collaboration with clients.

Conflict Resolution strategy that uses
assertiveness and beneficial exchange to find
solutions advantageous to all parties.

Provide full information required for
Transparency, cooperation, and collective
decision making.

Strict and consistent Commitment to Quality
that achieves a product which satisfies
specific client and government requirements.



Project Management & Finance

For over 30 years, Bob has been a senior finance and accounting professional for various construction industry related businesses. His specific experience has been with corporate finance in architectural, engineering and environmental firms in San Francisco Bay Area. His primary objective at Municipal Plan Check Services is to work closely with jurisdictional finance departments to ensure that all accounting requirements are continually achieved and customized as needed.

Bob is a hands-on manager who believes in supporting his staff while holding them accountable for producing a quality product and bringing projects in on time and within budget.

Bob received a B.S. Business Administration degree in Accounting from California State University at Hayward. In addition, Robert received a Master Degree in Finance from Golden Gate University.


Account Management & Human Resources

Dave Bowles brings over 30 years of experience in Human Resources for jurisdictions, established companies and startups through Bowles & Associates. Specialized in recruiting, Dave is an expert in understanding the needs of our company and clients; finding the correct person for each position. Prior to his career in Human

Resources, Dave experienced a successful career in banking, brokerage operations and auditing, which highlight his dedication to customer service and client management.

Further, Dave supervises Muni PC’s communications and information systems, making certain our communication is always open, direct and timely. Dave received a B.S. Business Administration degree in Business Policy from California State University at Chico.


Why Choose Municipal Plan Check Services?

We foster a culture of excellence and provide the opportunity to be part of an industry recognized leader in Silicon Valley. Our team consists of highly skilled senior engineers dedicated to quality plan reviews, as well as the mentoring of engineers at a non-senior level.

Work / Life Balance

To foster peace and harmony between your personal life and your career, Municipal Plan Check Services limits the quantity of work we accept from our clients. While we are committed to delivering thorough and on-time plan check services, we are also committed to a reasonable work/life balance for our employees.


One of our Partners is a seasoned staffing professional who has successfully applied effective talent strategy from the tech industry to the construction code compliance industry. This means we want to get to know your career goals and how they may align with our business style and current opportunities.